by Ghost @ the Feast




All Songs Written and Performed By Ghost @ The Feast (yee yee!)
This album was recorded at the famous Jam Room Recording Studio in Columbia, SC by Zac Thomas.
We would like to thank Cecil Decker for his glorious presence and input and Jay Matheson for his humble support. and special thanks to Emilee Harper, Patrick Taylor, Chris Johnson, Tom Law, El Cheapo Gooch, Release the Dog, Space Coke and many more for inspiration and support !

We are Ghost at the Feast, this is OKIEDOKIE
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released 13 September 2013

Mike Coleman – Bass
Sean Thompson – Lead Guitar
Chris Rose – Drums
Noah Brock – Vocals/ Guitar



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Track Name: Make Me An Arrow
set aside cold comfort the dark is at it again showed up but tattered broken and out of place right words escaping have you seen how far I’ve come to be one and just the same crying and out of range has the levee held its water has the new moon come to roost has the pain that daily cycles subsided into truth where the hope lands I don’t know darling wait awhile until it shows honestly ephemeral and bright baby I’m lost in your ember too weak to stand the fight make me an arrow make me understand shoot me from the tower include me in your plan and as your soft light barely lights the way darling where will we stay
Track Name: Looped DVD Menu Audio
I woke up at four I fell asleep on the loveseat the looped audio from the dvd menu left on that Seinfeld theme echoed through my dreams like a city bus barreling a rut right straight between us and one of these days I’m gonna have sex sober one of these day I’m gonna leave this town behind but up until then this is nothing but foreplay
Track Name: No Kids (Left Behind)
smiling on the back steps as I cut on through the grass leaving for a day or two aloof when I come back to you afraid and still and wondering did I leave no kids behind honey I can tear on through your neighbor’s garden you won’t see my ass again oh I swear darling there’s a great big old wonder here at the end of this line get the net ready baby let’s see what I’m dragging out this time kids before us but lord no kids left behind as still as Christmas morn but chillier this time
Track Name: Robot Judge (3014)
I am a robot judge in three thousand fourteen life thought it would be best to entrust it with me that was a big mistake and for a while there things were so tolerable but before too long I became less honorable began to abuse my post right under everyone’s nose this robot brain life has given me has lost all sense of humanity I’ve not proved one case not guilty for several months
Track Name: Powerball
john I just won the powerball my numbers came up today and as my lawyer what am I supposed to do waited for this moment all my life man I just won that powerball and I didn’t have to do a thing money on the backs of the working poor I guess thatll have to do
Track Name: Jesus Wrote The Bible
jesus wrote the bible he did it faster than you or I could and all those so called apostles are full of shit jesus wrote the bible yeah him and him alone no one helped him with even one punctuation mark every passage sentence and period they all were his jesus wrote the bible and I don’t believe anyone else did I mean come on he’s the son of god kids cut his ass some slack
Track Name: Center St. Heartbreak
you cut across and over the gervais street bridge something told you to go this way and through the low din of ceiling fan I hear the knuckles upon the pane back window you scared the shit out of me but as soon as I saw your face my hair turned white and nothing relives quite like this and nothing tries so hard to quit these hope filled nights why don’t you go on and lay your trouble down dear but just not here the moon just aint the same with you around I feel the urge to speak to cry out loud oh darling what are you doing here what brought you to west columbia do you have some news or something left to prove center street heartbreak
Track Name: Hookah Party
come on upstairs to the hookah party hookah party smoke a hookah with me we got bubble gum hookah flava hookah flava smoke a hookah with me at the hookah party
Track Name: Francine In the Horsemeat
Francine was an irish catholic school girl she could read your fortune to a T she didn’t use no crystals cards nor tea leaves she got here answers from the horsemeat in the horsemeat in the horsemeat she got her answers from that fucking horsemeat with every person that she’d meet Francine somehow sealed their fate from the answers in the horsemeat
Track Name: Through the Sheets
here on the summit we roll away past midnight now chalky blue eyes stare toward the dawn in a few more hours we’ll head on back to city nights loud and bright and much less just you and me and I’ll rise through the sheets cautiously and you with your backbone and me without mine oh baby there’s just one last time in the full moon air that chalky blue light that something we both cursed hold me down hold me close and we’ll rise through the sheets cautiously and everything is fine this time
Track Name: Lights of the Valley
the lights of the valley went all out at once and I’m drunk as a fiend whispers like water from a river bed its splendor lost on me and do right and go home happy do right and go home alone well the rope and the pulley have long since vanished now don’t tell me I cant perceive those whispers are bound to false scars in your memories if only you can see and do right go home happy do right don’t tell me what to do
Track Name: Sea Sponge
I’m a tiny sea sponge anchored to a rock I eat plankton all day long can’t be wrong may be bottom dweller ain’t a bad thing after all go on roll your eyes I know shit’s trite